Available courses

This course is entitled to equip the learner with the supply chain industry and how the procurement entities work. The course is designed to take 3 Modules and its purely examined by KNEC. The minimum grade entry is C-(Minus).

This is a certificate course that is entitled to equip the trainee with advanced computer and basic computer technician skills. It takes 2 years and its examined by KNEC. Qualification is KCSE Grade D (Plain) and above

This is a Certificate course that is designed to equip the students with technical skills of a secretary so as to effectively serve in various offices in a competent manner.

This is a course targeting beginners and intermediate developers who wish to become professional software developers. It also entails learning how to use CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The course will take 3 Months.

Remember this is a pure Practical and Technical course and not academic.

This is a short course that takes less than 3 months. It is designed to enable the student to be proficient when using a computer. I will help you to cope with this 'Digital' world.

This is a Diploma programme that is entitled to equip the learner with all ICT technical skills. It takes 3 Modules and it is examined by KNEC.

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by Karani James -

This is to inform all the stakeholders that East Technical College has launched an e-learning platform for distance learning students.